Brownies with sweet potato


    For a long time I've wanted to make some brownies with sweet potato. This week I finally took some time to experiment! And I am very happy with the result. ūüôā Sweet potato contain a lot of fiber and vitamins.¬†Soluble fiber, found inside plant cells, is one of the two main types of fiber. This type of fiber slows the passage of food and helps giving you a fuller feeling.

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  • Prote√Įne pannenkoeken

    Protein pancakes

    These protein pancakes are super delicious!!! They contain three ingredients, give you a good portion of protein and are absolutely perfect for breakfast! I still use my favorite vegan protein powder which can be…

  • Appelroosjes

    Apple roses

    After a few weeks I finally found some time to work out the recipe for these apple roses. Since the hours of sunlight are limited in the winter and it's often dark when I…

  • Kruimeldeeg

    Shortcrust pastry

    I often find it very difficult to find some vegan shortcrust pastry.¬†If you are experiencing the same problem, this recipe can help you out! It only contains three main ingredients and depending on the…

  • Christmas cookies

    Christmas cookies

    The countdown to Christmas can officially¬†begin! :) Last week I spend a lot of time in the kitchen to create the perfect¬†vegan cookie dough. It was a long¬†proces and there where a lot of…

  • Boekweit Crackers

    Buckwheat Crackers

    A while ago I did a 9 day-detox where I also didn't eat any bread. Two months later, I can say I still don't miss it at all! As a substitute I eat spelt…

  • hot chocolate

    Hot chocolate & Matcha Latte

    Ever experience days where the cold is just too much to handle and you're desperate for a warm cozy evening on the couch? Then I might have two drinks that go perfect with that…

  • Cashew Cacao koekjes

    Cashew Cacao Cookies

    After many failed attempts, I can finally present you the recipe of my vegan Cashew Cacao Cookies!!! They are soft, full of taste and look really festive! I love to finish each cookie with…

  • Pear and Raspberry jam

    Pear and Raspberry jam

    This pear and raspberry jam is ready in no time¬†and is so delicious on a slice of bread, a freshly baked cookie or a nice bowl of soy yogurt. Do you have 15 minutes…

  • Bananenbrood

    Banana bread

    Banana bread is just one of those breakfasts that will never lose its hype. I love it so much and made a vegan version with as few as possible ingredients. The texture is slightly…

  • Chocolate spread

    Chocolate spread

    It‚Äôs Saturday evening, all shops are closed until Monday morning. The despair is near when you realise the chocolate spread is almost empty‚Ķ No need to panic! ;) If¬†you have the following ingredients at…

  • cherry pie

    Cherry pie

    In June the long awaited cherry season has started again. I love food shopping this part of the year because I can fill my basket with lots of delicious fruits! As a result, I…

  • Banana chocolate muffin

    Banana chocolate muffin

    This banana muffin recipe has been a tough one. I really struggled getting the recipe righ¬†but after¬†a few failed attempts I found the perfect muffin batter!¬†An important rule in making muffins is to always…

  • spelt pancakes

    Spelt pancakes

    Last weekend my sister, brother and I¬†visited my dad for his fathersday. Since my brother's birthday was the same day I decided to prepare a delicious dessert for everyone. I made some spelt pancakes…